St. Egidien is part of the Erz mountain basin and is close to the south west granulite mountains. It spans a total length of 3.8 km in the Zwickau county at the Lungwitzbach (between Niederlungwitz and Rüsdorf). The Lungwitzbach falls about 10 m along this distance.


Since 1996 the commune St. Egidien has 3 parts called St. Egidien, Kuhschnappel and Lobsdorf. Latest values (Dec 2015) show 3302 inhabitans living on an area of 21.24 km².

Current Issues

COVID-19 in Saxony

Corona Vaccination
Dres. med. Löffler / Dr. med. Illing
Schulstraße 26
09356 St. Egidien
Tel.: 037204 / 2275

From 1/4/2022 all Tuesdays 15-18 o'clock vaccination w/o booking. On these Tuesdays is no consultation-hour - no minor calls.


Museum of minerals
...like agates found in St. Egidien.

Half-timbered buildings
...like the Eulenhaus which was build in 16th century and therfore is under monument protection.

Native museum
...exhibiting parts of 4 centuries.


Further Facts

Major: Uwe Redlich

highest building: Chimney of the former nickel foundry (height: 140 m)